Hockey Clinics

Have you considered playing Ice Hockey? Now is the perfect time to get started! We have multiple levels of hockey for all players!

We offer group and private skating lessons to get you started on your path to becoming a hockey player (more info on our Lessons Page).  Once you have the basic skating skills (skating forward, backward, perform crossovers, and hockey stop) you’re ready to join Hockey Clinic!   Hockey Clinic is for beginners who have not played before, or for those who want to brush up on their skills.  It consists of skating, passing, and shooting drills, and usually a short scrimmage. Hockey clinic is $149 for an 8 week series and is held on Fridays from 6:10-6:55 pm.

Skating prerequisites: Must be able to skate forwards, backwards, preform crossovers, and hockey stop.
Required Equipment: 
Helmet  (full face mask recommended), elbow pads, hockey gloves, shin guards, stick, athletic supporter).  See our Proshop for all the gear you will need!

Sticks and Pucks/Adult Pickup Hockey

Sticks and pucks gives players and goalies a chance to practice their skills.  Full gear is recommended, but at a minimum you must wear a helmet and gloves.  Check the schedule for the most up to date info and pricing!  First two goalies are free.

Adult Pickup is a scrimmage type game with no refs or scorekeepers.  Full gear is required.  Check schedule for dates/times and pricing.  First two goalies are free.  All levels of players are welcome.

Adult Hockey League


We have a league for every skill level! Choose which league based on your skill level and sign up today! Players new to the Iceplex should expect to attend an evaluation so we can ensure you are in the appropriate league. 


We are accepting registrations for our Summer Season now!

If you would like to be added to a team, please email John Smith:
Full Gear Is Required, Must Be 18 or Up


All leagues receive free scrimmages leading up to the start of the season for players who have paid for the upcoming season. These will be set up via Smitty.

A League: experienced players who have high level skills sets in all facets of the game. 

B League: players who may not have the high level skills for A League but are looking for competitive games.
C League: for novice players with limited hockey experience, or for those who have been off the ice for a considerable amount of time.