Figure Skating Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are for figure skaters who have passed Freestyle Level 1 or higher. To sign up for a freestyle session, create an account on our MindBody website and purchase credits. 

Download the MindBody app! 

  • If you would like to sign up for a freestyle session(s), follow the directions below:
    1. Login or create your new profile.  If you haven’t created a profile, click on “Sign Up Now” to get started.
    2. Once you login go to the “online store” tab.  Here you will need to purchase a “credit package” to pay for the freestyle session(s) you would like to skate. Freestyle sessions require the following credits:
  • 12 credits for a 60-min session
  • 11 credits for a 55-min session
  • 10 credits for a 50-min session
  • 9 credits for a 45-min session
  • 6 credits for a 30-min session
  • 4 credits for a 20-min session

Purchase your credit package based on how much you will skate.  
1 credit= $1.10 per credit
80 credits = $85.68 ($1.07 per credit)
160 credits = $152.32 ($0.95 per credit)
240 credits = $214.20 ($0.89 per credit)
360 credits = $299.88 ($0.83 per credit)

Once you purchase your credit package, go to the “Freestyle Sessions” tab to sign up for the sessions you would like to skate. Be sure to check the website or app daily for freestyle times!